3 reasons to join

Be happy and do good for the whole week

Do the challenges written on the calendar and feel happy. Share your actions on Instagram using #myhappyweek @gethappycalendar

Get free printable Happy Calendar for 2019

After doing challenges for a week we will give you free Happy Calendar printable version or 10€ coupon to get the calendar.

Win plane tickets to your dream destination

At the end of the year, we will give for one participant a plane tickets to the dream destination. It can be any place in the world – you will pick it.

What is Happy Calendar?

Dear friend,


It all began with a student company founded in the 8th grade. With the calendar, we wanted to make our close ones happier and bring more good deeds to their lives. There is on every day one challenge to do, which makes you and your closed one’s day more happier.


Join us on a mission to make the world happier!


Rudolf-Gustav Hanni

The founder of Happy Calendar

How can I join?

1. Sign up to the challenge

2. Print out Happy Calendar or import it to your phone calendar

3. Make the challenges and share in Instagram